Deep  Cleaning 

Hard water Stains

This toilet is from a deep spring cleaning we performed last year. The home was located in North Kingstown, RI and had some of the worst hard water stains we’ve ever come across. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t think to start taking photos until the team had already attempted to remove the build-up using a pumice stone. It was much worse than the “before” photo looks!  Soaking the toilet bowl in Lime-A-Way and more elbow grease with a pumice stone was required to remove the rest of the mineral build-up off.    

Move-out Cleaning

Tenants left the place a mess!

These pictures are from a move-out cleaning we were hired to do by a landlord in West Warwick.  The tenants left the place an absolute disaster!  We were the 3rd cleaning service the landlord had called. The first two cleaning services walked out when they saw the mess. Not us! We rolled up our sleeves and got right to work.

The landlord knew he had a lot of repairs to do and that we could “clean it but not make it new again”.  We cleaned up all the dirt and grime while giving the landlord a clean (literally!) slate to begin making much needed updates and repairs to his rental unit.